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The Third Wave of Hacking: CyberCrime as a Service

March 16, 2017



One of the most significant cyber threats for the year ahead will be the ramping up of attacks fueled by "crime-as-a-service" offerings, coupled with a surge in government-sponsored cyber-terrorism attacks waged against critical infrastructure and an increase in risks posed by the internet of things. Crime as a service refers to organized crime rings offering services such as on-demand distributed denial-of-service attacks and bulletproof hosting to support malware attacks. Cybercrime as a service becoming more commoditized, indicating a degree of maturation that hasn't been seen before. And communization means more and more organizations will have access to, and the ability to execute on, sophisticated cyber attacks.

In recent months, crime syndicates have also enhanced their ability to share information and collaborate. Crime rings are gaining a better understanding of product positioning, of strengths and weaknesses, and with whom they need to collaborate more effectively. This goes far beyond the "First Wave" (hacking for fame and notoriety) and "Second Wave" (hacking as targeting) of cyber attacks. Now it's just business, and like any business, there are sophisticated supply chains, trusted vendors, payment systems, productization, and profit. This should be of tremendous concern to all board directors.


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Speaker Spotlight


Thomas Bennett

Tom Bennett has been an Incubator Venture Capitalist, CEO, Board Director and entrepreneur with a track record of taking disruptive, venture-backed startups from concept to market leadership into profitable liquidity events. Tom is a nationally recognized domain expert in cybersecurity, big data and analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Tom has previously held high Department of Defense security clearance and has worked with multiple agencies on national cybersecurity defense and operations initiatives.

Tom is currently President and CEO for ThreatSTOP Inc., and serves as the Independent Board Member for Dragos and Veracity SI. Previously he was Senior Partner and Executive Chairman of the IOT and Cybersecurity cluster at Frost Data Capital, focused on incubating and launching Big data and “Internet of Things” startups in 2016. Prior to Frost, Tom was CEO of Percipient Networks, and has been a Special Advisor and CEO mentor to multiple venture-backed technology startups. Bennett holds a MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Tom is a member of the San Diego Venture Group and is also Co-Founder of DMOS Collective, creating and manufacturing performance tools for backcountry skiers and snowboarders. An avid outdoor athlete, Tom is a life skier, surfer and kiteboarder, and has competed in 3 Molikai2Oahu paddleboard races. An Architect in a previous life, he designed a 32-story office building and a corporate headquarters for a Fortune 500 company (both still standing).



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